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Machine Learning, Data Bias & Creating Inclusive Tech Communities

Interview with Leila Kaneda on The Imaginary Possible.com

Recently on the Imaginary Possible I spoke with machine learning engineer Leila Kaneda.

Among other things Leila and I discussed:

  • What Machine Learning Is
  • Some common misconceptions people have about AI
  • Data Bias and how to methods to prevent it.
  • The need to developing communities for women and underrepresented groups in tech spaces
  • The creative and technical parallels between computer programing and music

Listen to the full episode here:

For more about Leila Kaneda’s work visit, go voxel51.com or visit her linked in page: www.linkedin.com/in/leilahawana/

For more episodes of the Imaginary Possible, visit The ImaginaryPossible. com or The ImaginariumAI.com



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