Chat GPT to Supercharge Creativity

Suzanne LaGrande
1 min readNov 17, 2023


An interview with E.S.O. Martin

Chat GPT allows us to personalize information. What does this mean? It gives us the answer we’re looking for but we don’t necessarily know whoor where the answer is coming from. Besides looking at the the pros and the cons of information personalization, I speak with Emanuella Martin (E.S.O. Martin), a writer with extensive experience as a journalist, editor, and publisher.

Among other things we discuss:

  • How she started using AI, specifically GPT-3 and the ways she uses it in her writing process, especially with respect to outlining, character creation, and plotting a series.
  • How AI can be tool to assist human creativity
  • Treating AI as a writing partner and how to give AI clear feedback
  • Other ways she’s found AI to be useful and also the importance of fact checking given AI’s tendency to hallucinate or make things up.
  • How AI might enhance the reading experience with by giving authors the ability to add visual illustrations

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Last, but not least a little AI- inspired humor with the New Drew Show.

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